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Related post: Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2003 03:45:42 -0800 (PST) From: Max Hewitt Subject: Punking Mike, ch. 5This story involves sex between guys. If you shouldn't be reading stuff like that, move on. In this story, the characters don't use condoms. In the real world, anybody who nude loli preteen pics doesn't practice safe sex is a menace to himself and society. Don't be a menace.It's okay to print this story out or save it to a disc, but don't transfer it to another website or archive it without my permission, please.Thanks to TW for doing the beta reading here.Lilperv76yahoo.comChapter 5[MC = Mike Cronin; JK = Jason Kinsey]MC:One evening after supper Jason had come over and we were in my room. Dad had come home for dinner and gone back to the office. Mom was at a friend's for the evening. Jason and I were naked on my bed, having a nice 69 session. (Amazing how my life had free naked little lolitas changed in a week or so!)When my cell rang, my first impulse was to ignore it. After all, who wants to be interrupted at a time like that? But it might have been Mom or Dad, and they'd be pissed if I didn't answer, so I picked up. It was Seth."You and Jason put on your sven s lolita page clothes. I'm in the car, and I'll be there in ten minutes.""Watkins, what the hell do dark bbs lolita models you want? Why do you think Jason would be here? [I didn't even think he knew Jason.] And why are you coming here?"He chuckled. "I pictures of young lolitas knew ALL about you lolitas pre teens nudes and your faggy chink boyfriend. I've got someone with me, so you'd better get some clothes on. I'll be there in nine minutes.""Oh, shit!" Jason dark lolita kids 6yo said when I told him. "Wonder what he's up to now? I thought we'd pretty well gotten rid of him. And how does he know about me?""I think he has a detective working for him, so I suppose it wouldn't be too hard to find out that we're together a lot. He must have just assumed the rest."As we scrambled into our tees and cargoes, he said, "Yeah, well Mike, a competent detective wouldn't have any trouble finding out I'm gay."I wondered what that meant. That is, I assumed I knew what that meant, but I wondered how many other guys Jason had been with.We went downstairs without bothering to put on our sandals. By the time we got to the family room, the doorbell rang.Seth had Willie with him, the twelve-year-old I was tutoring in math."Hey, Willie, loli nudist young girls good to see you!"He looked a little embarrassed and said, "Hey, Mike."Totally puzzled, I told them to come in."Hey, Jason," Willie said."Do I lolit kiddie nude bbs know you?" Jason asked."What you mean, man, like, yeah you know me!""Watkins, what's going on here? What kind of shit are you pulling now?""Calm down, Mikey. You and your pansy lover here have gone too far this time.""What the fuck are you talking about?""Hey, watch your language! There's a child nude lolita home pics present," Seth said, with a smirk on his face."I ain't no chile, and they ain't much I ain't heard befo!""Okay, you guys, what's this all about? Why are you here?""Mike, where are your manners? Let's all sit down. Willie's got something to tell you."Puzzled, I gestured them toward seats. Willie and Seth took easy chairs, leaving Jason and me to sit on the sofa. I felt like taking his hand, but I didn't."Go ahead, Willie. Why are you here with Seth?"He lolita tgp in uk looked me in the face and smiled. "Mr. Watkins thinks I should go to the po-lees about what you two did to me.""Willie, I've never seen you before," Jason said. "Why would you say I did something to you?""Jason, you wuz there that day. You and Mike did it together.""What . . .?" I could only sputter. Jason had never been at the center, so far as I knew, and he had never been there when I was nude preteen girls lolicon tutoring Willie."Maybe you should just let the kid tell his story," Seth said, still smirking.My heart sank, but I said, "Okay, Willie. What did Jason and I do?""Well, the last time you tutorin' me, jus' about the time we wuz finished, this dude came in." He gestured toward Jason. "You pulled me up against you and began to feel my, uh, dick.""That's bullshit!" I exclaimed."Oh, the story gets better. You may as well listen," Watkins said. "Go ahead, Willie."He looked at Seth and then continued. "I tole him to let me go, that I didn't want him to do that, but he just kep' on. I got, well, uh, hard, man." He looked down at the floor like he was embarrassed. Seth had obviously gotten to Willie somehow, and the kid could have a great career as a child actor. If I hadn't known he was lying, I'd have believed him totally."Yeah, Willie, and then . . . ?" Seth prompted.Willie looked at Jason. "Then, this dude came over and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his thing, and it was real hard. Real big, you know? And," Willie looked at the floor again, "he wanted to put it in my mouth! He wanted me to suck on it.""That's a fuckin' lie and you both know it," Jason shouted, standing up.Willie cowered. Seth gestured for Willie to come to him. He put his arms around Willie and said, "It's okay, little guy. I won't let them hurt you. They're all mouth." He looked at me and grinned, "and no fight."I 15yo preteen lolita jpg pulled Jason back onto the sofa, and this time I did take his hand. "Go on, Willie."He looked at Seth, who nodded. "Well, Mike, you held me while he stuck his cock in my mouth.""Willie, I'm disappointed in you. How could you sit there and lie like that? All I've ever done is help you with your math. And Jason has never been there.""See, Mr. Watkins, I tole you tiny models lola incest they'd be sayin' I was lyin'."Seth hugged him and said, "It's amazing lolitas pictures galleries okay, Willie. Ya done good. Ya told the truth. I'll see they don't ever do that to you again. Now, why don't you go back and sit in the car? Here are the keys so you can put the radio on until I get there. I'll deal with these dudes."Willie grinned, took the keys, and left.Jason looked at lolita pics non nude Seth and said, "Man, talk about Machiavelli. You're something else. What a mean fuckin' bastard you are."I don't suppose Seth had a clue who Machiavelli was, but he got the message."Listen, you little lolita whores bbs 10yr faggot chink, you're in trouble. Ask Mikey here what the courts could do to you both if Willie went to the police with his story. Do you think anyone would believe you? And, Mikey, imagine what this would free bbs lolita model do to your father's career! The DA's son helps molest a minor! I can see the local rags and the national tabloids when they get hold of this story! And, guys, you should also think about how long you'll spend in prison when you're convicted of child molestation, or whatever the assistant DA top lolita preteen dark will throw at you. Besides, do you have any idea what naked preteen lesbian lolitas will happen to you in prison? Pedos don't have it easy in the slammer."Feeling dizzy, I grabbed one of the throw pillows on the sofa with one hand and squeezed Jason's with the other. I knew he had us. In cases like this, I had heard my dad say, no one was inclined to believe the accused. Plain and simple, we were fucked."Uh, Seth, why are you here instead of downtown in my dad's office?"He got this shit-eating grin on his top dark collection loli face. "Looks like the preteen lolita preteen tables have turned again, haven't they, Cronin?""You know the kid is lying. How did you ever get him to say all that?"Still looking very self-satisfied, he said, "Well, his mother was having trouble making her mortgage payment. Now she doesn't have a mortgage. And Willie IS very convincing, isn't he?""You devious son of a bitch. You'd do all that to get back at me?""Yep."I took a deep breath and looked at Jason. He looked panicked."So, what's the deal?"Jason spoke up. "You know you can't prove any of that because it never happened."Seth, still looking cocky, said, "You want to take your chances on anyone believing you in court when that kid testifies?"I looked at Jason. He looked at me. I could tell he'd seen the ramifications of all this and was stymied."Okay, Seth. So what's the deal?""No deal. Unless you want me to take Willie to your dad's office tomorrow morning, I OWN YOU!""Own us?" Jason asked, his voice husky."Yep. Your asses and souls belong to me. Whatever I tell you to do, you'll do, no questions, no hesitation. Willie won't forget his story. So whether it's now or down the road a year, he'll be glad to tell the authorities what you two perverts did to him."I looked at Jason. With the slightest nod of his lolita top bikini 100 head, he let me know he'd given up. I thought of going to Dad myself and telling him what ranchi bbs pthc lolita had happened, but I didn't see how that would dark collection and loli help. This would ruin his career, it would ruin my family's standing in the community. I thought Dad would believe me, but he'd have to withdraw from the case and turn it over to one of his deputy DA's. And there were some of those who would like nothing better than to see his xxs preteen loli models son pre nn loli portal in the public spotlight as a sex offender. Maybe they could even run for his job if Jason and I were convicted.I didn't see any alternative. "Okay, Seth, you slimy free lolita rape mpegs prick. It looks underage lolitas gallery biz as if you've won. I don't know what it is you've got against me. I never did anything hot lolitas model pic to hurt you. But, like I said, you've got all the marbles. What do you want us to do?"He took a deep breath and laced his fingers behind his head, his chest puffing out as he did. "Mike, you and I could have been friends, you know, if it weren't for our dads. Well, never mind. It's too late for that. You two WILL be nn loli photo blog totally under my command from now on. If you don't want to go to jail as child molesters, you have to do anything, everything I tell you, and with no back talk. Got that?"I felt like spewing. I looked at Jason, who seemed sick, too. "Yeah, Seth, we got it.""Okay. First thing tomorrow, you tell your boss at the community center that you can't tutor Willie anymore. You can keep going there to do all the other menial shit they have you doing, lolitas nudes 10 years but I don't want you around Willie anymore." He grinned. "After all, we can't have you molesting him again, can we?""And . . . ?""And that's all for now. little lolly naked modles But remember, when I wiggle my finger, you two sad pansies jump. You'll be hearing from asian crazy top lolita me."With that, he got up. He came over to where we were sitting. He went up to Jason, exotic nude lolita art grabbed him by the ears, and pulled Jason's face into his crotch. "Take a deep breath, pussy. That will tide you over until you get another, longer whiff of my cock."I was about lolita art preteen bbs to stand up and take a swing at him when he moved to me. He stuck his foot in my crotch and wiggled it around. I could have grabbed it and pulled him off balance and perhaps kicked the shit out of him, but I realized that wouldn't do any good. What alarmed me most seriously, despite what he'd done that afternoon, was that I instantly got hard feeling his foot against my balls and cock.He couldn't have felt my stiffie through the soles of his sandals, but he grinned and said, "See, Mikey, you get off on all this, don't you?"I blushed and hung my head, and then hated myself for letting him know he was right."Okay, slaves. You'll be hearing from me. Now you can go back to fucking, or whatever you were doing."He sauntered toward the door. When nude lolita close up he got there, he turned back and grinned at us. And then he left.JK:We were fucked. My life was over. I could just hear what my `rents would say when I got arrested 14 yo teen lolas for child molestation. Seth was right. No one would believe Mike and me. And all because I had tried to help him.When Seth left, Mike came over to me and held his arms out as if to hug me."Get away from me! This is all your fault! If I hadn't tried to help you, I wouldn't be in this mess! Now what the fuck are we going to do?"Mike looked as if he wanted to cry."Jase, I don't know. You're right. You are the innocent victim here. If you hadn't tried to help me, you would not be involved with this. I'm SO sorry! I wish there were some way I could take all this top 1 lolita sites on me and get you out of it. Any ideas?"I didn't have any ideas at the time. All I could think of was how unfair all this was. I had never seen the freaking little kid before, and little girls lolita underground now I was facing jail for abusing him."Jase, like I said, man, I'm SO sorry. But I don't see that we have any option. We've just got to play along with Seth until we can think what to do.""Yeah, right. We'll both become his slaves. We'll have to do all that sick shit he pulled on you.""Jase, would you rather go to jail? Our lives would be ruined if we did. And the stuff in prison would probably be worse than anything Seth can dream up.""So what you're saying is we've lolita 12yo dog galleries got to do anything he tells us?""Well, yeah. What else can we do?""I dunno, Mike, but this all sucks, man!"He preteen lolita free photo held alolita lolita pthc cp his arms out to me again, and this time I let him hug me tight against him. It felt good.He ran his hand over my hair and down the back preteen loli lolitas models of my head. "I know, babe, I know. Maybe we'll think of some way out of all of this. We're smarter than he free nude russiaqn loli is, or at least I thought we were. Maybe we'll have to suck his dick or something petite lolitas nude galleries until we figure lolita bbs karina world out what to do. How bad could it be?"I kept my arms around his waist and leaned my head against his chest. "Yeah, Mike. I'm sorry I was best lolita bbs girls so bitchy. yr nudist lolita toplist I'm not really mad at you. I'm just scared, you know? And I can't think straight right now. So I guess you're right. We'll just have to play along with him until we think of some plan to get out from under him."The phone rang. Not Mike's cell, little german nude lolita but the house phone. Mike kissed me on the top of the head and went over to answer it."Hello.""Yeah, he's still here." (Pause.) "Yeah, yeah, okay. Looks like you've got us by the balls, Seth. What do you want us to do?"He latin preteen lolita model listened for a while. "Yeah, I guess I can manage that, don't know about Jase."Another pause. "Okay, okay, child models lolita nymph I'm sure he'll figure out a way. We'll be there."He hung up the phone. "He wants us to tell our parents that russian girl lolitas bbs we're spending the weekend together. You say you're at my house, and I'm to say I'm at your house. Think you can do that?""Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem.""Well, we're supposed to show up at his house at 10:00 Saturday morning. Can you manage that?""Yeah, I suppose young dolls model lolita so.""Well, I'll pick you up about 9:45 then."I sighed. "Did he give you any idea what he wanted with us?""He just said to show up for fun and games for the weekend."MC:Damn! Jase and I obviously underestimated Seth. I really felt terrible that he'd gotten dragged into this thing. The poor teen nymphet lolis girls guy was just trying to help me. He didn't deserve to get caught in the feud or whatever it is. I thought for a moment about the Montagues and the Capulets. I guess that made Jason Mercutio. Then I remembered what happened to Mercutio and shuddered. Bad analogy.I picked Jase up the next morning. Like me, he was wearing cargoes, a tee, and sandals. I think we both probably assumed we'd be naked quickly after we got to Seth's place.And we were right. The Watkins had a separate three-car garage with two stories. We learned later that Seth lived in the garage apartment. He met us in the driveway and took us around the house to the pool area in the back. We had to go through a gate in a high privacy fence. As soon as he had closed and fastened the gate, he said, "You two can strip lolitas rusas free sex while I'm explaining some things."We were in a spacious patio area next to a big pool. lolita model preteen panties The whole thing was landscaped like something out of a movie. There was a waterfall coming into the pool. The ground shocking bbs lolita galleries rose leading away from the pool, and there were brick steps leading up to the top of the slight hill. I couldn't see what was beyond that."My folks are on an around-the-world cruise. They won't be back for a month. So we have lots of time for everything we need to do. Now, you are here voluntarily, right? So there's no question of you being kidnapped. And you'll be able to go home Sunday evening, so your folks won't worry about where you are.""What about blackmail, motherfucker?" Jason asked angrily."Well, Kinsey, that works underage lolita models naked both ways, doesn't it? Seems to me I was threatened with the publication of underage preteen lolita cgiworld a bunch of pictures of Mike and me that you obviously took. But those pics are nothing compared to what I've already go on you. And the fun's just beginning! So shut up and get your clothes off. You can throw `em on that table over there," indicating one of several umbrella tables, "but you won't be needing `em much this weekend."We put our clothes on the table.Seth grinned. "Now remember, dudes, you can leave here at any time. But if you do, or if you refuse to do everything I tell you to, I'll go get Willie and take him to Mike's dad's office.""That's really sick, you bastard!" Jason said.Seth looked at me and scowled. "Mikey, Mikey, you obviously didn't tell Jason the rules." Then he grabbed Jason by the neck. "Look, you queer little shit, you don't say another word until I ask you a direct question!" He squeezed so hard Jason's eyes began to pop. Jase nodded his head."That's better. Now, let's get to it. Kinsey, there's a digital still camera on that table over there. And you'll also notice there free samples little lolita are two video cameras on tripods. You'll be in charge of photographing everything this weekend, whether you're one of the `stars' or not. And you can show me how to use the video cameras when you're in the picture." He walked over and grabbed my nipples. I grunted with pain."Well, well. You quit wearing your clips, didn't you? From now on, cocksucker, you'll wear them anytime you are wearing shy lolita bbs dark a shirt. I see you've quit shaving your pubes. We'll have to take care of that right away. Well, soon. First, though, we need to take care of the squirt's titties. Mike, why don't you do the honors?"I looked at him for directions."What, ya stupid? I want you to suck your little preteen monika lolita models buddy's tits. Use your teeth. We want them swollen and sticking out. You know what to do. Just what I did to you."If it weren't for the humiliation, that wouldn't be such a bad thing to do. Jason had a neat, trim body, and I'd already come to love sucking on his nips."Kinsey, you sit on the front part of this chaise. Cronin, sit beside him and work those titties over."We did as instructed. I could feel Jason shudder when I began to suck on his nip and tickle it with my tongue. I put my arms around him and held him close while I did what Seth had commanded."Don't get all lovey-dovey on me, Cronin, you fag! Take your arms away, so I can get pictures of your mouth on his tit."So I lolita sites pre teen sucked and nipped with my teeth while Seth took pictures. I think Jase was trying awfully hard not to show that he liked what I was doing, but when his cock began to fill, he'd highschool lolita nude galleries lost the battle.Seth, of course, didn't miss what was happening, and he squatted down, used the zoon on the still camera, and got pics of me sucking Jason's nips while he had a boner."Okay, you two, enough of the faggoty lolitas rape join now stuff for now. It's time to take care of some things."Seth went to one of the tables where he'd laid out a variety of things. He came back with svens freedom lolita bbs a pair of alligator clips connected by a chain. He pulled out each of Jason's nips in turn and fastened a clip on to it. When he had done that, he pulled on kiddie lolita top 100 the chain, and Jason groaned. Then he got an identical set and put them on the long island lolita me. preteens virgins lolitas bbs "I thought you might have left yours behind, and we want to keep working on those titties," he said, grinning at me.Next Seth went back to his table full of gear and picked up a barber's clipper, the kind that's battery operated."Now, it's time to take care of some personal hygiene. Here, Cronin. Take off all your buddy's hair below the neck. Do what you can with these clippers, and then we'll get a razor."When Seth had his topless tween lolita model back to us, I mouthed, "Sorry, Jase.""Hey, Cronin, get over here, fucker! Take this thing and make the shrimp stand on it so his fuckin' hair doesn't get all over the place."I picked up the old shower curtain he'd produced from somewhere and spread it for Jason to stand on."Oh, nice hole man. I'm looking forward to stretching that some today," Seth said, grabbing his package.I was about to begin with the hair in Jason's pits when Seth said, "Hold up a minute. Let's get a `before' picture. Kinsey, you don't look like a man even with all your hair, but this will be teen loli 15yo link lolitas preteens free samples good for contrast." He snapped pictures of the blushing Jason from a couple of angles and dark lolita models net then nodded for me to go ahead. "Be sure to take it all off, even his arms and legs."Jase didn't have much hair on his arms, but I did what young russion lolita pics Seth had said. When I had removed everything above the waist, I began to work on his balls, which didn't have much there either, and his full black bush. With the first pass of the clippers through his pubes, ls lolita issue 14 lolita bbs picture post Jason kind of moaned. It wasn't a sexual moan. I could tell his was just miserable at the thought of losing this symbol of adult manhood. Maybe he was hating me for dragging him into all this. As I was working on his legs, I ran my hand gently around his cute butt. He looked down at me and managed a weak smile."Hey, you two! This isn't supposed to be fun. Cronin, just do your job. And don't forget his ass crack."When I finished with the clippers, Seth produced a can of shaving cream, a disposable razor, and some water in a garden bucket. Soon Jason was smooth all over. Jase stood there looking down at himself with this miserable expression on his face. Seth, of course, was snapping pictures, giving Jason orders about how to stand. He made him bend over and pull his ass cheeks apart so he could take a shot of his hairless asshole. Then he had him lie back on the chaise and pull his knees up to his shoulders for another picture.Next Seth made Jason shave me where all my stubble was growing back in. And then I had to pose in all the same positions."Okay, faggots, now I want you to get yourselves hard. That might be easier if you help each other, so grab a cock and start jerking it."It didn't take long for Jason and me to get hard. I think there must be something about fear or humiliation that makes a guy bone lolita boy top sites up. lolita lol naked model Anyway, we were both standing there with our dicks sticking straight out."Okay, now, I want you to stand side by side. Then move a little so you're closer to facing each other, but I still want to see the fronts of your bods. I want your dicks to touch. And, in that position, I want you to kiss each other."It added to our humiliation that by the time Seth let us quit kissing our dicks were pointing up and looked like web can model lolita crossed swords. It didn't help that Jason was frenching me like crazy. After he got the picture he wanted, Seth came over and squeezed the tip of each of our cocks."Jeez, you two really are hot for each other, aren't you? That's great. It'll make your video even more convincing. Now, Cronin, come with me."I followed him out into a grassy part of the yard. He grabbed a coil of a soft white rope and led me over to the shade of a large tree. With a piece of rope, he tied my ankles together. Then he tied my wrists together and threw the rope over a branch above my head. He pulled lolitas pedo cp underage on the rope, drawing my bound wrists over my head. He pulled until I was just on the balls of my feet, my arms bearing a portion of my weight."Now, Jason, I want you to check that these two vid cameras are set up and aimed properly. If it's all the way it little lolita girl bukkaka should be, I can stop and start both by pushing this remote button, right?"Jason went over and looked at the setup. "Yeah." Was all mother teen lolita toplist he said to Seth."Well, it better work, `cause if it doesn't we'll just have to record it again and keep doing it until we get it right. And you won't much want to re-record it, I think," he said, chuckling.Then Seth brought Jason to where I was. He strung him up just the way he had strung me up. But he did it so we were facing each other. Our chests touched. My mouth was about the level of Jason's forehead. Seth japanese loli girls naked stepped back, looked at us, and wasn't happy with what he saw. He went somewhere and came back with a cement block about three inches thick. He made Jason stand on that and then adjusted the rope that was holding his arms in the air.So, there we were, chests together, nose almost touching nose."Okay, you two can do whatever you want. I'll be back in a few."It was more than a few minutes. As we stood there, I kept looking into Jason's eyes and he looked into mine. If we had been in this position voluntarily, it might have been hot. He had beautiful eyes. And there was his naked body, close to mine. So close we wouldn't have to move much for our cocks to touch. I gave him a kiss."Hang in there, Jase. We'll make it through this."Despite the situation, he grinned. "Yeah, Mike, I'll hang in there."As I stood there, I could almost feel the heat from his body, even though we were in partial shade. The sun was shining through the leaves on the tree overhead. Jason was so cute. I loved looking into his eyes. And I began to get hard. Looking down, I could see that he had a boner, too."Well, look at you two. Just what I figured would banned nude lolita pics happen. I can't leave you two alone without you getting all jonesed up for each other." He chuckled. "But that's okay, boys. That's what I wanted to happen."We looked at Seth with astonishment. He was wearing a black leather hood with openings for his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. But it completely disguised his identity. He also had a pair of leather chaps which allowed his balls and cock to dangle out the opening in the front. He was barefoot. And he was carrying a fraternity paddle.This didn't look good."Now, boys, let me show you something."He came over to us and swatted me on the butt with his paddle. Instinctively, I pushed my hips forward to escape the blow. I didn't avoid the lolita play girls naked blow, of course, but I did push my hard cock against Jason's belly. Then Seth used cyber lolita top list the paddle on Jason's ass, and he did the same thing, pushing his dick up against me."You see what happens. So here's the deal. I'm going to keep using this baby on your bubble butts until you both cum."He pushed the button to start the two cameras running, and began to hit us alternately with the paddle. It hurt, but not all that bad. He wasn't really hitting us as hard as he might have if he wanted primarily to hurt us.Since we were on the balls of our feet, our balance wasn't good. I tried standing erect and not thrusting my hips forward, but, suspended as I was, the blow of the paddle pushed me forward, causing my now fully-erect cock to slide up against Jason's smooth abdomen.The stinging of the paddle made my ass cheeks burn, and soon I was surprised at what a turn-on that was. I would never have guessed being paddled could be sexually stimulating, but it was. And, of course, having Jason's dick rubbing up against me didn't make things any easier.Watching Jason's face was fascinating. At first he was obviously concentrating on being as stoic as he could, not giving Seth the satisfaction of seeing him hurting asian lolitas showing pink from the paddle or feeling anything sexual in what was happening. I looked at him and winked. He winked back. I don't think Seth caught that because he didn't say anything. Come to think of it, he probably wouldn't say anything because he wouldn't want his voice to be recognized on the tape.As the heat built up in my buttocks, heat was building inside me, too. I realized that both Jason and I were moaning alternately as Seth swatted our butts. Eventually, after fifty strokes or so, my butt was really getting sore, and I wished Seth would stop. But lolita bbs 10 yo he kept flailing away.I looked at Jason. He'd retreated somewhere inside himself. His eyes were open, but he wasn't seeing me or anything else apparently. He just gave out this "ungh," sound every time he was struck.By about 75 strokes, I was in serious pain. lolita child models bbs I knew Seth had said not to talk, but I desperately wanted him to stop. "Please, Seth," I whispered, so it wouldn't be heard on the video.He glared at me and looked down at my cock. I remembered what he had told us. No end to the paddling until we came. And I got an idea. If Seth didn't like it, he could tell me so, but I didn't think he'd do that on camera.First, I blew my breath directly onto Jason's nose to get his lolita fun nude sites attention. When he felt that, he came back from wherever he was and looked into my eyes. lolita top play models I leaned forward and kissed him. With the next blow to my butt, I really pushed my hips forward. I was deliberately humping his belly. No flies on that guy. He got the idea right away.So, there we were, trying to get off by really rubbing our dicks on each other. And it worked. Despite or maybe aided by that pain in my butt cheeks, I legal lolita model pics felt myself getting more and more aroused. It wasn't just that my cock was hard. I was really aroused. And I slammed my hips forward as much as I could. Jason did the same.Soon we were thrusting and moaning and really getting steamed up. After a few minutes of that, I became aware that Seth had quit paddling us. He had dropped the paddle and was standing there with his hands on his hips watching us. I think he was grinning, though with the mask it was hard to tell. I didn't care. I just wanted to cum.Jase and I maintained our own rhythm now. Instead of thrusting alternately, we were thrusting together, which made feelings even better. We'd both leaked a lot of precum, so our bellies were slick. I'd never felt anything like that. At that moment I didn't care that we were being caught on video. sexy preteen lolita site I was in the nonnude boy lolita boy throes of something like I'd never felt before."Oh, God, Mike, I'm, uh, I'm cumminnngg!" Jason yelled, as he erupted all over me. I could feel his hot jizz on my chest and abs. That triggered me, and I came all over him. He even had some cum on his chin.We stood there, catching our breath. I licked my cum off Jason's chin. Seth stopped the cameras, pulled off his hood, and began to applaud. 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